Scoring Training of Trainers (STOT) Workshops

Attendance at Statewide Workshops

Registration priority for the 2015–16 STOT workshops will be given to CELDT district trainers who have never participated in a STOT workshop.

CELDT district trainers who have previously attended a STOT workshop must fulfill the 2015–16 training requirement by either (1) completing the online training presentations and quizzes in the Moodle Training Site or by (2) attending a regional workshop. However, previous participants will be automatically wait-listed for a possible last-minute slot in a workshop; they will be notified a week prior to each workshop if space is available.

Workshop Locations

STOT workshops are scheduled for the following dates and locations:

Date Day Location Status
April 7 Tues. Sacramento Completed
April 14 Tues. San Diego Completed
April 15 Wed. Downey Completed
April 16 Thurs. Riverside Completed
April 21 Tues. Clovis Completed
April 23 Thurs. Sacramento Completed
April 29 Wed. San Jose Completed
August 18 Tues. Costa Mesa Completed
August 25 Tues. Sacramento Completed

Registration opens Wednesday, February 25, 2015. For more information on registration, see the STOT Statewide Workshops Registration Information page.

Training Resources

Training resources will be available for download from the secure online CELDT Moodle Training Site, including the 2015–16 Trainer’s Kit Binder (PDF files for each section). On Friday, April 10, 2015, districts will have access to the secure online CELDT Moodle Training Site. In order to access the site, each district will need to access its unique Moodle enrollment keys. These enrollment keys will be posted in the secure District Portal beginning on April 10. Trainer’s Kit Binders will also be available for purchase on a cost recovery basis. If you are interested in purchasing training materials, please submit a STOT Training Materials Order Form (PDF).

Detailed communications regarding training materials will be e-mailed to CELDT District Coordinators throughout the spring.

Regional Workshops

Please note that all CELDT examiners are required to be trained to administer the 2015–16 Edition. To accommodate your district’s training needs, many regional workshops around the state will be available. As each becomes available, the regional workshops will be posted on the CELDT Web site on the Regional Workshops Web page