CELDT Coordinator Resources

Below are links to helpful resources available to CELDT District and Test Site Coordinators.

Superintendent’s Designation of CELDT District Coordinator Form (SDF)

An SDF must be completed and approved by the district superintendent each year. Submit a new form each time the coordinator changes, or the contact information for the current coordinator changes. This online form is available through the District Portal. Contact the CELDT Customer Support Center if the District Portal cannot be accessed.

CELDT District and Test Site Coordinator’s Manual

Document Archive

This comprehensive manual contains instructions and information for CELDT District and Test Site Coordinators, including general testing information, important dates and deadlines, processes, and procedures for packing and shipping test materials to Educational Data Systems. The Test Security Agreement for District and Site Coordinators and the Test Security Affidavit for Examiners and Proctors forms are included in this document.

CELDT Web Site

The main CELDT Web site is a non-secure informational hub containing:

  • CELDT calendar of events
  • Training schedules, workshop listings, and registration information
  • A frequently asked questions (FAQ) archive
  • Interpretation materials in English and additional languages
  • An archive for downloadable, non-secure documents, forms, and data file layouts
  • Contact information for Educational Data Systems, the CELDT Customer Support Center, and the California Department of Education (CDE)
  • Training presentations and tutorials with basic facts about the CELDT and CDE policies and regulations

CELDT Secure District Portal

The secure District Portal is a password-protected area of the CELDT Web site for CELDT District Coordinators only. Log on with the 5-digit district code and a 4-digit charter school code (for independent charter schools only) and a secure password. Passwords are provided upon receipt of the SDF and become effective on July 1 of each year.

The District Portal provides the following services:

  • Superintendent’s Designation of CELDT District Coordinator Form—This is used to designate a CELDT District Coordinator and to access the District Portal.
  • Order Management—Place Initial and Additional Orders for test materials as needed throughout the year. The Initial Ordering Window is open in March of each year.
  • Pre-ID Management—Upload Pre-ID data files and correct demographic errors online. Submit the files to print adhesive Pre-ID labels to place on the Answer Books. This fee-based service is available year-round for the 2017–18 Edition Initial Assessment Window.
  • Request a Pickup—Request a pickup of scorable test materials, once each administration month, as needed, throughout the year. Also use this service to request a pickup of secure materials for destruction or to indicate local destruction at the end of each school year.
  • Data Review Module (DRM)—Correct student demographic data for student Answer Books submitted during the Annual Assessment Window via this online correction system. Available approximately February to March of each year.
  • Student Score Files—Download monthly Student Score Files, summary files, and Post-DRM files.

Scoring Training of Trainers (STOT)

STOT Workshops

State-sponsored workshops are held each year to provide districts with information related to the administration and scoring of the CELDT. STOT participants return to their districts and train test examiners to reliably administer the CELDT.


This Web site provides a variety of important documents, forms, and links, including:

CDE California English Language Development Test

  • Education Code, CELDT Regulations, and apportionment forms
  • Frequently asked questions
  • CELDT and English learners contact information by topic
  • Electronic reports for Annual and Initial Assessment summary results

CDE CELDT Resources

  • CELDT Information Guide
  • Matrix Two: Matrix of Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications for Administration of the California High School Exit Examination, California English Language Development Test, and the Physical Fitness Test
  • Released Test Questions
  • Score Request Form (to request scores from a student’s previous district)

Local Scoring Tool (LST)

This online "calculator" allows local examiners and scorers to easily calculate student scale scores and performance levels in an electronic format prior to submitting Answer Books to the CELDT contractor for official scoring.

Pre-Identification Services

To improve the accuracy of student demographic information and to increase efficiency in preparing scorable Answer Books for testing, Educational Data Systems offers a fee-based service to produce Pre-ID labels. The Pre-ID Services Web site provides a description of services and prices, as well as the Pre-ID Data File Layout, which provides details on how to format files for upload.