Pre-Identification (Pre-ID) Services

Educational Data Systems provides Pre-ID services for the California English Language Development Test (CELDT). The 2017–18 Edition is for Initial Assessment students only. Therefore, there is one Pre-ID Window for the 2017–18 Edition—June 14, 2017 through June 8, 2018. Files are processed within 10 working days of the receipt of a purchase order.

Districts will not have an opportunity to modify or fix data through a Data Review Module process for the 2017–18 Edition. Ensuring data are accurate and meet data field requirements through the Pre-ID application will ensure that CELDT records match with the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) data. Inaccuracies may impact your English Learner Progress Indicator results in the state’s new accountability system.

Ordering Pre-ID Services

  1. Download the 2017–18 Edition Pre-Identification Data File Layout (PDF) and prepare the Pre-ID data file(s) following the procedures specified in the layout.

    Questions regarding the layout may be directed to the CELDT Customer Support Center by phone at 866-850-1039 or by e-mail at

  2. Calculate the total estimated costs, including the estimated number of additional files and shipping and handling charges, for each file. Write the purchase order to Educational Data Systems and mail or fax it to:

    Educational Data Systems
    15850 Concord Circle, Suite A
    Morgan Hill, CA 95037
    Fax: 408-776-7696

    For questions about billing or purchase orders, please contact Educational Data Systems by phone at 408-776-7646.

    • NOTE: Purchase orders must have the full name of the district; billing address; billing contact telephone number; the dollar amount to cover all estimated fees and costs; and the full contractor name, Educational Data Systems. (See examples below for help in estimating the costs to include on the purchase order.)
  3. After preparing and sending a purchase order to Educational Data Systems, log on to the secure District Portal and select the 2017–18 Pre-ID Data Management link. Follow the on-screen procedures to enter the purchase order number and upload the file(s). A 2017–18 Edition Pre-ID User Guide (PDF) is available and provides step-by-step instructions for using the online Pre-ID application. A Web page of Pre-ID Frequently Asked Questions and a recorded Pre-ID Tutorial are also available.
  4. Once a file is successfully uploaded, data errors may be corrected and the file may be submitted for printing. If multiple Pre-ID label files are required, files may be uploaded and submitted as needed throughout the year.
  5. Educational Data Systems will print and ship Pre-ID labels as files are submitted. Labels are shipped within 10 working days of submission and receipt of a purchase order.

Pre-ID pricing has changed. To encourage the use of Pre-ID for all students, the set-up fee for districts with 50 or fewer students has been reduced. See below.

Service Regular Window Prices
Setup Fee (per district) $200.00
(large district)a
(small district)a
Label Feeb $0.51 per student record
Additional File Feec $35.00
File Status Reset Feed $65.00
Post-Submission Changes Feee $125.00 plus hourly costs
Shipping & Handling Charges 10% of total costs, minimum of $20.00
  1. The large district Setup Fee applies if the first file uploaded contains records for more than 50 students. The small district Setup Fee applies if the first file uploaded contains records for 50 or fewer students. Should multiple files be submitted within a few weeks of one another and the total number of student records is 50 or more, the large district Setup Fee will apply. Each independent charter is considered its own district.
  2. The Label Fee includes the parent/guardian address on the Student Performance Level Report if the address is provided in the Pre-ID file. The address cannot be added at a later date.
  3. The Setup Fee includes the submission of one file. The fee for each additional file is $35.
  4. If the district submits a file and requests that the file status be reset to Pending, the File Status Reset Fee applies.
  5. If the district submits a file and requests changes to the data in the file, the Post-Submission Changes Fee applies.

Pre-ID Window Service Calculation Examples

The following examples show how Pre-ID label charges are calculated.

Example A: Single File Submitted for More Than 50 Students
Service Quantity Fee Charge
Setup Fee 1 $200.00 $200.00
Label Fee 400 $0.51 $204.00
Subtotal     $404.00
Shipping & Handling Charges 1 10% $40.40
Total Charge:     $444.40

Example B: Multiple Files Submitted for 50 or Fewer Students
Service Quantity Fee Charge
Setup Fee 1 $150.00 $150.00
Label Fee—1st File 40 $0.51 $20.40
Subtotal     $170.00
Shipping & Handling Charges 1 10% $20.00*
Additional File Fee 1 $35.00 $35.00
Label Fee—2nd File 25 $0.51 $12.75
Subtotal     $47.75
Shipping & Handling Charges 1 10% $20.00*
Total Charge:     $258.15

* Note that in this example, the calculated Shipping & Handling Charge for both files would not have met the minimum charge ($17.04 and $4.77 respectively). Therefore, the minimum $20.00 charge applies to each shipment.